Collaboration for an easier life for the end user


Svetskoordinatorn – The collaboration platform


Do you validate power sources or issue welding tests? Let’s work with the end user on the same platform.

Svetskoordinatorn can be used so that you can collect all your customers’ certificates or protocols. Not only do you keep track of when it’s time for a new validation, there will be no surprises for the customer as they have access to their own overview of equipment and certificates.


When validating welding power sources, you use tSvetskoordinatorn to ensure that the validation is done on time. You have access to the end customer’s equipment list and enter the validation protocol so that both parties will receive reminders and not be surprised when it’s time again.





Welding tests

If you monitor welding tests, both you and the customer avoid handling paper. The certificates are created and sent to the end user immediately after you have created the certificate. Both parties use their own account and both are aware of when it is time to renew and extend.


Price according to agreement