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All our courses are completely web-based, which means that you control when and where training is carried out – you send out the courses easily through the competence matrix. No loss of production & you do not have to hold courses where half of the participants do not show up.

Choose yourself if you want to subscribe to the entire training module and get full access to an unlimited number of courses / participants –
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All courses in one package price - The Education module

By adding the education module to the Welding Coordinator, you get access to all courses. Completely unlimited number of times for everyone within the company (maximum 50 employees).


599 SEK/month

Welding monitor ISO 9606-1

Interested in issuing your own welding tests? Take the course and gain the right skills to be able to monitor, assess and issue welding tests. The course is part of the Welding Coordinator program.


Available 24-7 online

Take the course whenever you want and can, all our courses are available as an e-learning.



*included in the program

Visual inspection of welded joints ISO 5817

Why should more requirements be placed on certain products, and how should those requirements be communicated?

ISO 5817 gathers the requirements for selected shape deviations on welded joints that are of great importance for the service life of the structure. The course covers welding tolerances, why requirements are set, a review of typical welding discontinuities and how welding errors can be avoided. Exercises and a quiz to ensure that the participant has taken the course.

Included in traning module or

999 SEK/piece

Welding designations according to ISO 2553

The ISO 2553 standard with welding symbols shall be the designer’s tool to convey his thoughts. With the welding designations, it must be easy and understandable to both convey and read how a detail is to be welded. Examples of what the course addresses are, how the designation is structured, clarifies the different types of joints, dimensioning, a-, z-, s-dimensions and intermittent welding.

Exercises and a quiz to ensure that the participant has taken the course.

Included in traning module or

599 SEK/piece

Design of welded structures

The course addresses different types of loads a structure can be exposed to, rules of thumb for how an a-dimension should be dimensioned, which welding tolerances are suitable for the different types of load and weldability for different materials.

The course is aimed at designers / processors, buyers, welders and curious welders.

Included in traning module or

999 SEK/piece

Order E-learning in the Welding Coordinator

If you not useing the Welding Coordinator, single E-learnings can be orderd.

Otherwise the number of participants and rounds is completely unlimited. To add the educationmodule to your service, contact us.

If you want to order individual courses, you can use the form. An email link will be sent to the address provided in the form that can be used by all participants.


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