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Do you recognize recurring problems with the handling and control of welder tests, certificates and WPSs? Most people in the welding industry do this. The welding coordinator is the simple answer!

The program is a system that combines everything, it gives you as a user complete control over the entire quality control. The result is an incredible time saving, as well as a cost saving. Our customers report savings of up to 80% per person – quite incredible right?

Above all, it gives everyone involved in their own organization all the knowledge about welding gathered in one place. You simply become more competent and most likely do an even better job than you already do.

Svetskoordinatorn helps you with



Together with the program, you are trained as a welding supervisor and further developed in welding. Educate your employees with the help of e-learning that you control yourself. Online training, e-learning, is available 24/7. We help you maintain your high competence by sending reminders when a course approaches its expiration date. You can also set up your own courses / certificates for your own organization.

Business development together with personal development

At regular intervals, we hold a large training day with the entire welding network that uses the system – an opportunity to develop your business together with the Welding Coordinator! Only for those who order via the website.

Welder Tests & Certificates

Since you can monitor welding tests yourself after your training, you can easily document this in the Welding Coordinator. The certificates are collected on an overview on which it is also possible to filter out a suitable welder test for a specific project.

The number of days left on the certificate is shown in the program and that reminders are sent by e-mail before the certificate expires. The extension is of course also done digitally directly in the program.

Externally issued certificates can also be entered and extended through the Welding Coordinator.



Manufacture and distribute WPSs through the Welding Coordinator. There is a built-in template for making the WPS, and it is possible to add existing WPSs to give access to all your colleagues to use the WPSs.

You have full access to all WPSs via other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

WPQR is also added to easily pick a suitable one for the next project. Both WPS and WPQR are easily searchable to quickly find a suitable one for the current project.

WPQR Final documentation and CE marking

In the project module, you control which activities are to be checked and documented. The start with technical review according to ISO 3834 and further project activities is controlled easily with built-in templates.

When the project is completed, the final documentation is created and can also pick out a declaration of performance and CE marking for EN 1090-1 project.


Equipment such as welding power sources and measuring tools should also be loved. Enter the existing equipment list and when it is time to validate or take care of the maintenance, you will be given a pling when it is time to do the next round. It is also possible to hand over a list to the maintenance staff of the equipment to be validated so as not to miss / or bring extra equipment.

This is included :

  • Training opportunities that are arranged at regular intervals for the person who is the “main user” of the license. Only when ordering via the website.
  • Create WPSs and add existing WPQRs to get a good and simple overview
  • Opportunity to add and create new welding tests
  • Possibility to add welding equipment / measuring tools and their validation interval for reminder of validation
  • Login for the welder to get an overview of their welder trials and choose WPS.

Price: 1499 SEK/month

Training module :

Complete training package with visual inspection, welding designations and dimensioning of welded structures. Completely unlimited number of times and participants within the company.


Price: 599 SEK/month

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Get in touch and we will contact you and help you get started. Add the training module if you want access to our courses an unlimited number of times / participants.